Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back in Jersey

Wow, my laptop screen is HUGE compared to my netbook screen. It feels like I'm blogging on a giant screen.

I'm back in Jersey after my 8 hour flight. That is not an easy flight. I was so lucky to have three seats together on the flight out. Being able to sleep makes a huge difference!

This morning was tough--we had to start getting ready at 6:30am--a time which we had not seen during the entire trip. Plus we had trouble falling asleep last night.

It is rainy but very very green here--during the past week a lot of trees leafed out. Very cool.

Pete and I took some very very informal engagement pix last night. We were already in our pajamas. I decided we should wear our matching fleece hats.

Here are some highlights:

The reverse of the typical engagement photo:

Typical engagement photo:

A look at our chins:

The adoration photo:

Another adoration photo:

You can see the whole set here.

Thank you Pete for such a wonderful stay! See you in August!!


Coming soon: a gargantuan woe-is-me back pain post! Betcha can't wait!


  1. Adore and appreciate the informal engagement pics! Clever! Welcome home and hope you get used to the local time soon.

  2. Thanks for coming to see me, it was fabulous to be together again. And your blog is great!
    Love, pjbx

  3. You covered it all there. Love the engagement togs and the expressions! Thanks for sharing.


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