Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Full Moons today. How, you ask??

As I drove away from my parents house, there were 4 teenagers at the end of a driveway half way down the road. As I approached, 3 of them mooned me! So that's 5 bare buns in the course of about 6 months--the first one was on Rt 18 a few months back (again, a teenage boy mooning from an overpass), then a woman mooning her friends (and everyone else) in Myrtle Beach, and then the three teens today.

Today I went to our reception venue to sign the contract and pay the deposit. I also got to see for the first time the ceremony room they have (in case it rains and we can't have our gazebo ceremony). It was all very awesome. I visited the bakery next to the reception hall and they had Halloween cupcakes in their cupcake holder. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera. I also visited the gazebo and worked some things out in my mind about it.

I had lunch with a friend and dinner with my parents. Mom and I played Scrabble and then I visited their neighbor.

Now I am home and it is quiet and I am sleepy. Bliss!


  1. Ha! Five full moons is a lot! Got to say though isn't that technically 10 bare buns, not 5? ;)

  2. Sounds like it might have been fortunate for all that you didn't have your camera...


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