Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday physiatry

What a dull dark gray day today!

Saw the physiatrist this afternoon.
My back:
He still thinks I should get the injection, even though my pain is subsiding. He believes the injection would cure my back pain. The injection would be a cortisone derivative. I said no. If he offered the injection anytime before June, I would have taken it. But now, I feel like I'm almost healed.

My knees:
He reviewed the x-rays. He said my right knee has mild osteoarthritis. Left knee is normal. Possible meniscal tears that an MRI would confirm, but he said an MRI would be a waste of my time. The treatment is the same. Last time he said treatment is the injection and therapy. This time he said I could have the injection or therapy. The injection would be a synthetic joint fluid or cortisone. He thinks it would last 6 months. He said it's better to do therapy. I told him about how I've been doing exercises from a book and it seems to be helping my knees. He said I could do that instead of therapy. If I did therapy, it would be 2x a week for 3-4 weeks, but he said since I have a lot of doc's appts that following the book would be fine.

We discussed how to pick something up off the floor and the main thing is, I really can't do it properly!!! He said a therapist would help with that, or my chiro can show me. well, Len and I had talked about it before. He showed me a way that involves a lunge to pick something up.

I asked about the gym. He said I can go back. be careful. Don't throw myself into it. Don't do too much too soon. No squats or lunges (because of my back). No crunches. Yes to toning, yes to cardio, yes to push ups, yes to the plank, and a big yes to pilates.

I asked about wearing knee braces. He said I could, but I would have to ween myself off of them. He said it would make me feel like I have more stability, but it's not necessarily true.

Now I kind of wish I had asked for a script for therapy for my knees. 4 weeks of therapy wouldn't be too bad, at a place that others have recommended. Well, he did say I can go back to him if necessary.

My next mission (besides getting my chiro to show me knee exercises) is to find a primary care doc so I can have a physical and check for vitamin deficiencies. I could ask the primary care doc for a script for therapy.

Oh, and the physiatrist said that he was hurt that I bought some other doc's book about knees when he has his own book! I just ordered it off amazon. It has exercises in it too.

Yeah--it's the weekend!! finally!

Oh, and I'm thinking of the following challenges:
not buying any clothing for the rest of the year
not buying any fabric for the rest of the year
not buying any books for the rest of the year

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