Monday, September 28, 2009

The same skirt!

So last week I posted a snippet of fabric from a skirt I wear during the summer. And then today Antoinette posted a picture of her skirt.
Here's mine. I think mine is cut on the bias maybe??

Antoinette and I own the same skirt--what are the chances???

Oh Dr. Donahue. Interesting that he doesn't mention chiropractor, acupuncture, or physical therapy. And that he doesn't acknowledge the heat and ice packs.

Lower Back pain article
Here's a closeup of the tacking I'm doing for the vest:
Still workin' on the tackin'

Rainy rainy day!!
UPDATE: Antoinette blogged about her refashion of her skirt!


  1. Yours drapes better than mine, so I'm guessing yes, yours is cut on the bias. The label on mine is "Kim & Cami". What a funny coincidence, Kyle!!!

  2. Love the skirt. I can see why you like it. Style is great. And I always like a black and white skirt.


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