Thursday, September 10, 2009

The answer's in you, somewhere

Look at what Pete did: he drew all the Hawaiian islands in Gimp, and then made our mock table name cards. He included each island's nickname.
Hawaiian islands: collect them all! (table name cards instead of numbers)

Here's a close up of Maui (The Valley Isle):
Oh Maui (table name cards instead of table numbers)
They will undergo further refinement.

I had more parts of our invitation printed at the drug store just to see what they look like. They are pretty amazing!!

We're going back to the Waterview/Riverview on Saturday to figure out which room we want to have the reception in. They have a choice of three rooms and the one we like the best (has a great view of the Marina, is on the second floor, has an outdoor balcony for our guests to hang out on, has a real 70's style bar (even though I don't drink, I think it looks cool)) is actually the smallest room and holds 120 max. My second favorite room has a view of the marina, but is on the first floor so it's not as good, there's no balcony, it doesn't have a real bar (they just set up a makeshift one in the corner) and it holds 150. The third room has no view, no cool bar, but it does have a lot of windows, is relatively light, has an indoor balcony, and holds 250 people, so there would be plenty of room for everyone and everything (including our table of pix that we paid for on trips, a table for pix of people we wish could have been there (hello Pop Pop in his Hawaiian print shirt--would've fit right in!)), and of course a gift table, table with the place cards, and an area for photo ops with cardboard Elvis.

I love this quote from Tim Gunn:
"Part of what was so unshackling was the whole aspect that when you're studying art or design, the answer isn't in the back of the book. The answer's in you, somewhere."
LOVE that.

Oh, and my horoscope today was about how I need to rest and relax. Woo! I have NO doctor's appts next week at all! Tmw I go to the physiatrist to talk about my knees. I will ask for the MRI but I'm pretty sure access will be denied.

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