Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Timing, Praising, Stretching

So yesterday was another weird driving day. In the morning, I saw someone drive directly across the cobblestones at the circle (to shave, what, 2 seconds off the drive)? At least the shrubs and whatnot are planted such that someone can't drive through the center of the circle directly (though they didn't used to be like that, and one morning I saw tire tracks across the mulch).

Then on the commute home, car B hit car A, car C hit car B, car D stopped in time. I was car E.

Timing is such a wild thing, isn't it?

Today I got really positive feedback on slides I wrote for a game show I'm hosting in 2 weeks. One of my coworkers said she is actually looking forward to attending the session (um, this is about software tips and tricks, folks!), and that she can't believe my training is in science because I'm so creative, and that she started laughing as soon as she opened it! Another said she loved it.

Then I led a conference call and another coworker said, "Good job Kyle!" when it was over. Yeah, I felt like I rocked it.

Tonight I went to a free class called "The Art of Therapeutic Stretching" offered by the Princeton Health Care System. It was lead by a physical therapist, who happens to work at my gym. Basically it boils down to:
  • hold each stretch for 30 seconds
  • do the stretch in sets of 3
  • do them twice a day
  • do them every day
He led us through a bunch of different stretches, some of which I've do now, almost all I've done at some point, mostly in the toning class. The person who checked me in said, "Weren't you here last night? You look like someone who was here last night."

Next Monday I'm going to another free class about preventing orthopedic injuries (scintillating topic, right?). Oh, but first on Friday is David Sedaris at the McCarter Theater in Princeton. I bet it will be fantastic. I'm also thinking of going to see Cesar Milan at Barnes and Noble--I think that's on Tues or Wed. But I bet that will be a zoo.

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  1. Good job! Sounds like you totally did rock it today. :) What a celebrity-filled weekend you have planned. Can't wait to see photos!


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