Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a little too Becky Home Ecky

Thanks to Antoinette and my mom for the (published and unpublished) comments.

Antoinette suggested taking the skirt from a dress pattern I love and attaching it to a muslin of a few dress bodices from my last posting and seeing how it shakes out. Mom suggested using a TNT dress pattern that I love.

Let's start with Antoinette. I *love* this bodice from the Hillary Duff pattern. So tonight I cut out a muslin (fabric is reclaimed from a disaster nightgown that I hated and hardly ever wore).

I am liking this so far!!
I think this might look good!!
Oh Hillary

A dress form would come in handy right about now--you can bet your bottom dollar it would be pinned to it this instant!

As for Mom's suggestion, I think there's really only three dress patterns in the running and really only 2 of them are truly TNT. Two of them have 60's shift dress retro styling. Which fits with our Hawaiian theme, since a lot of Hawaii feels like it's pleasantly stuck in the 60's.

McCall's 5799 that I made this summer. Imagine it in white with red piping and our wedding logo hibiscus flower. Could work, huh? Could also look like a high school cheerleader outfit.
McCall's 5799 front after wearing it all day

There's also Simplicity 3833, which may very well be my most favorite dress of all time.
Here it is in red:
July 8, 2007 red dress

Here it is, slightly shorter, in brown with aqua flowers:
Flashback, Simplicity 3833, front, from 2007

So I'm thinking about this kind of fabric...
Closeup of ivory silk fabric with white beading
It's pre-beaded silk. I found it in the JoAnn's clearance bin a year ago. I think I got it for like $1.50 or something. It's only a quarter of a yard but I thought it looked really neat and maybe I could make a purse or something equally small from it sometime. Of course, I don't know if I could actually find this fabric again.

Quarter yard from the JoAnn's remnant bin approx one year ago

Imagine the Simplicity dress made from this fabric and piped with ivory piping--wouldn't that look amazing? And look expensive?

This photo is showing two concepts in one; on the left is the hibiscus flower fabric I bought back from Maui (I think it's a fat quarter--but would be enough for a sash or band). On the right is some generic white fabric up against brick piping. When I saw that I thought "ut-oh, cheerleader territory".

White fabric with brick piping; red and white hibiscus print

So I'm thinking I might make a trip out to FabricLand sometime soon to check out their white fabrics. Their selection blows JoAnn's out of the water.

Here's what I am making on Sunday. It's the brown vest on the left. I cut it out tonight. It's the first time I used my scissors since I had them sharpened. Cutting is bliss again!
I'm making the vest on the left on Sunday

And finally, here are the flowers remaining from the farmer's market. Each day I remove the dead ones. This bouquet was so tightly packed that I didn't realize there were some snapdragons included!!
Remaining farmer's market flowers

Guess who said the subject line!!

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  1. Tim Gunn!!!!

    Sometimes I hog all the quiz opps. on your blog. (Unapologetically.)

    Might be worth a trip to NYC to find the fabric for your dress. I say that because I want to live vicariously through you on that fabric shopping trip. And because I bet you will find exactly what you want if Fabric Land doesn't work out.


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