Sunday, September 20, 2009

In lieu of a guestbook; fun non-floral centerpieces, Trivia Game

Instead of a guest book, guests will sign these
Instead of a guest book, guests will sign these pieces of paper and write wishes on them if they'd like. The papers already have holes in them, so we can make them into garland!

Pete's on an airplane flying home now. It's always funny going through these transitions. I did my usual post-airport things like going grocery shopping, loading the dishwasher, and making a big list of all the things I want to do. (done, done, and done!)

Pete and I have been focusing a lot on the wedding stuff, and we both discussed how it will be nice to focus on non-wedding things again. He can get back to swimming and I can get back to sewing, both activities we have missed during his visit. But the wedding stuff will continue, just not as intensively as we focused on it the last 6 weeks. Or will it?? ha ha ha ha ha!

This blog is turning into an all-wedding-all-the-time blog, which isn't what I meant to happen. It always annoyed me how people who are getting married only talk about their wedding, but now I understand what an all-consuming process it is.

I do have more crafty wedding ideas. I will continue to talk about them.

I read somewhere that no one remembers the table centerpieces. Reflecting on that statement, the only centerpieces I remembered from weddings past were one that was silk flowers, and two that were kind of awful fresh flower centerpieces. I want to have non-floral, non-candle, very-cheap-without-looking-cheap centerpieces. They would then be surrounded by loose dendrobium orchids. Maybe on a red table runner so the white dendrobium orchids stand out.

Well, today we had lunch at Chili's and they had one of those stand-up rectangular cards on the table describing their partnership with St Jude's Childrens Hospital, and I noticed that the chili was actually "cut out" on top of one of the 4 sides. And then it hit me...cardboard (cardstock) centerpieces, just like those--the top can be (on all 4 sides) the island (which would be cut out) and then of course, the name of the island, and then underneath, a different "fun fact" on each side...maybe a fact about Hawaii, maybe a fact about Pete, or myself, or the visa application process, or have some pix of us. Printed in color by Staples, Kinkos, or similar shop as a flat piece, then Pete and I would cut out the island bit a the top and tape together. Memorable, cheap, biodegradable. Love it!

Kyle and Pete centerpiece idea (obvious draft)
My "proof of concept". Or draft. Pete's drafts are a lot fancier than mine!

Close up of one side of centerpiece idea
Close up of one side of the "centerpiece".

Also thinking of having "trivia cards" on each our guests can learn more about us, interact with each other by asking each other the questions and guessing at the answers.
Here's the front:
Kyle and Pete Trivia Game Question (um, obvious draft)
Again, my drafts aren't nearly as fancy as Pete's drafts...
And here's the back:
Kyle and Pete Trivia Game answer (um, obvious draft)

I have to start the next part of the application process, which is filling out an affidavit of support, which basically makes me inventory everything I own (I think my car is the only thing of value I really own--my fabric stash is next on the list, ha ha!), and my checking and savings accounts, how much my house is worth, how much is left on my mortgage, what's in my retirement funds, my last three tax returns, my W2s, my pay stubs, blah blah blah. Plus producing all the documentation that backs up the numbers I fill in. I have been poked and prodded physically this year in so many ways for my back & knee pain, so now it's time to be financially prodded as well for the visa. I also need to have my employer write a letter about my salary, how long I've been employed, and if the position is temporary or permanent.

I think I will start a periodic series in my blog, called:
Laughable "thing I should do for my wedding" tip from a bridal guide: Hire a teenager from my neighborhood to guard my gift table at the reception. It says this duty should not fall to a friend because "she would not enjoy the reception". Snort on both counts.

Side note: I saw Dr. A (of the urgent care place) in the supermarket tonight. I'm sure he doesn't remember me, why would he? I saw him 4 times back in Jan/Feb/Mar.


  1. Aah Baby! Great post - and my haven't you been busy since I left, I'm really impressed with your proof-of-concept centrepieces. Go Kyle! It looks really amazing!
    (Am looking forward to laughable wedding tips too btw :)

  2. Really? Wow, I can't imagine someone sneaking out with a wedding gift. It would be pretty conspicuous. Maybe the point is that no one is watching someone sneak out with a package? Then the bigger concern is whether you know who's attending your wedding and if they have a criminal record? My wedding was so long ago and so small-scale and there was no blogging then. This is like a whole new world!

  3. It's special idea for wedding gift. It's fun and cute.

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