Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keep the Intelligence Flowing

Sign in a chiropractor's office (not my chiropractor)
Sign in a chiropractor's office that we walked by yesterday (not my chiropractor)

I got my hair cut today. Let's just say that I hope it looks better in the morning.

Such a nice, bright, warm happy day here today!! Woo! A little taste of summer interrupting the start of that fall-feeling.

Trying to align venue, gazebo, guitarist, DJ. I know the venue and DJ's schedule, and partially the gazebo. So right now, the only day in May that will work for the venue and DJ is Sunday, May 16...unless the gazebo is already taken. Also, May 16 is during Sewing Pattern Review weekend. So, I don't know. If the gazebo doesn't work, we could have a beach wedding instead, we could change DJs (though our DJ is my friend from high school). Still haven't heard from the guitarist.

Love this.  (not my chiropractor)
Yes, yes, keep the intelligence flowing.

This is a pretty sweeping statement:
Sign in a chiropractor's office  (not my chiropractor)

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  1. I have never seen so many clever sign in health practitioners' offices before! The good thing about hair is it always grows back. I'm sure it's cute, though. So are you hesitant to have your wedding on weekend b/c you plan to go?


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