Friday, October 23, 2009

Am I getting a cold??

So late afternoon yesterday I went to the optometrists to have my eyes dilated with drops, blah blah blah, basically there is an "area of concern" with my right eye but if my glucose numbers are ok and my blood pressure is ok, then the optometrist thinks my eyes are ok too.

Today I saw Len. The good news is my right knee has not hurt for an entire week! The left knee has had minimal pain for an entire week. The bad news is my left lower back flared today, I woke up this morning with one funky feeling throat, the area around my neck is very sore, and I'm having nightly headaches for approx 10 days now. Len spent probably 25 minutes instead of his usual 15 doing all sorts of neck and shoulder things, plus some back things, but no knee things. He also gave me some new exercises to do. He thinks I'm still progressing even though I feel like my back is regressing because it's been flaring more frequently than usual. I just want to get better!!!!

So I'm preparing to take some Airborne and get to bed early. It's been dark and rainy today and is supposed to be dark and rainy tmw. If I feel up to it, I'll sew tmw. Otherwise I will stay in bed and rest for a long time!!

Yesterday was just gorgeous and warm. I miss it already!!

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