Monday, October 5, 2009

Turn, turn, turn

I ironed my aqua Simplicity 3835 shirt tonight, and it looks a lot better.
Simplicity 3835, view B with view C's elasticized neckline, ironed.
Triangle hair is back, ugh. The neckline looks a million times better.
It went from this:
Simplicity 3835 view B, with collar I cut down and am not happy with at all
to this:
Close-up of elasticized neckline

Anyway, I'm wearing the shirt to work tomorrow!

Ok, so even though I don't really have room for it, I want a dressform. I'm sure there's a forum on SPR for dress forms, but it's so much easier to just ask about good dress forms. Please comment on what makes a good dress form/what's a good brand of dress forms/generally how much they cost.

I also saw a knit shirt someone made this summer on SPR and unfortunately I didn't favorite it and now I'm having trouble finding it. So if you know this pattern, please let me know the number. I think it:
  • is Simplicity
  • is knit
  • has a very nice pleated neckline
  • is rather fitted and not overly baggy
  • does not have any seams in the front
I visited the new Simplicity site (and agree with everyone else--it's really awful). I don't see any Simplicity pattern meeting that criteria, not even in their "out of print" section. I looked on Butterick and McCall's, but didn't see anything. There is a Butterick pattern that is close, but it has horrible reviews, and even though I own it (bought it at the dollar sale before reading the reviews) I'm not going to try it.

It's my 7 month anniversary today for the left side back pain--and almost 9 months for the right side back pain. But it is getting better and I have more mobility now--probably from all the daily stretches I do, the acu and the chiro. My knees have good and bad days but generally they are SO MUCH BETTER. I generally don't have any pain walking down stairs anymore. (walking up stairs, sitting down and standing up still causes pain, but not too bad. And I just don't squat.) I can sit and cross my legs again. And it's easier than ever to get things up off the floor, even if I can't do that the proper way just yet.

I had chiro on Friday. Len actually started singing to me about my fewer-and-farther-between visits: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." He was also wearing a yellow tie with denim shirt. I can't seem to get that song out of my head now.

Acu tomorrow!


  1. I know it's a long shot, but maybe S2903? A newer blogging buddy tried S3835 for her first time this weekend and (surprise!) too small -- particularly around the arms. That pattern just bugs me. I don't think it was drafted well. Anywhooooooo..... yours looks cute. Hope it feels just right with the larger-sized sleeves.

  2. Maybe if you show a picture of the similar pattern it will be easier for us to figure it out?


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