Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two posts one night: BrianSews & Revolutionizes SPR

I just watched a really entertaining SPR review!

This was the first time I'd ever seen a video SPR review, embedded in the SPR review itself. I think it's RocketBoy but he's renamed himself BrianSews (and now he has his own brand new website). He's known for his thoroughly photographed construction, and now he's taken it to the next level with his video review!

I found his review and self-analysis of the two Burda jackets he made to be entertaining and enlightening. I've only made 3 jackets myself, two of them lined, and so it was interesting to hear his perspective on the challenges of sewing lined jackets, especially with bagging them.

I wonder how many people will now embed slideshows and YouTube videos in their SPRs!!

SPR also has news and highlights posted from the recent American Sewing Expo and YouTube videos of the fashion show for the Top 10 contest. But I need to get to sleep!

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