Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pix and Simplicity 2633

I took a walk around Princeton after work tonight.

I hate fall. But I like these leaves:
I hate fall.

Oh, there's an idea brewing here:
oh there's an idea brewing here

Hello JoyCards:
JoyCards window

I don't recall ever seeing this sculpture before:
Sculpture in front of Prospect House

I'm not sure which one I like better, this one:
Sky over Princeton  A10/8/09
or this one:
Sky over Princeton  B10/8/09

I finished Simplicity 2633 and wore it to work today. No one asked me if I made it! but no one said anything about it, either.
Simplicity 2633 front

Simplicity 2633 side

Simplicity 2633 back

Here's a close up of the collar. I had to tack it down because it made me look like a clown otherwise. I used pink double fold bias tape to finish off the facing, but in this picture it looks white.
Simplicity 2633 close up of collar
I love that button. It reminds me of buttons on my dad's jackets when I was little.
The collar was supposed to be piped with a zipper, but I piped it with regular piping and I love how that looks too.
I might write the SPR of it now.
My left back decided to flare up tonight and I don't know why. I have the heating pad on--it feels really nice.


  1. Looks like it fits you really well. I made a similar Simplicity vest with princess seams and a one-button closure and learned a lot about the lining and value of piping. I prefer the lower cloud photo with more tree in it. Hope your back is better!

  2. I love the vest, it's very cool.

    I also prefer the second cloud photo. By showing the trees in the bottom of the image you actually frame the clouds and it makes it more clear where the focus should be for the viewer.

  3. My mom had buttons like that on her clothes when I was little!


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