Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is tipping them off??

Thanks for your comments on my last post re: the mystery Simplicity shirt.

Antoinette, thanks for your guess! I checked it out, but it's not the right shirt. Thanks too for your Kreativ Blogger award. :)

Lsaspacey, great idea, it's actually pretty similar to Simplicity 2892 view A, but in knit fabric, and with plain short sleeves instead of elastic ones, and without a pleat on the CF seam.
This is the Butterick disaster pattern, according to SPRers. The shirt I'm thinking of doesn't have nearly so many pleats. Even though the Butterick drawing looks like the shirt is fairly fitted, the SPR reviews are saying that it's a gigantic tent.

Trust me, next time I like something I see in the SPR gallery, I'm favoriting it!!

I wore the aqua Simplicity 3835 shirt today to work. Immediately one coworker eyed it over and said, "Did you make that?" Another said, "That's a cute shirt. I love how when Project Runway returns, you get back to sewing again." Hmmmm...interesting observation, though there really isn't a correlation between the two. Even my acupuncturist said, "Did you make that shirt?" As always, I wonder, does it look home sewn??? What is tipping them off??

The sleeves fit really perfectly this time! I wasn't aware of them. They are great now! I could imagine lengthening the sleeves to make them 3/4 length, any more than that and the ties would wind up in everything (like your meal while eating, in the sink while washing hands, etc).

I love the fabric too. While there are a lot of great cotton prints, they get all wrinkly. I don't like my clothes looking wrinkled. This fabric was in the linen-look section. It's poly-something. Maybe poly-linen? Could that be right? Even though the sleeve ties are right below the elbow, they don't look crinkled at all, after a day of wearing. I'm definitely going to buy more of that fabric with my birthday money!! There's a New Look pink shirt (6831 view E, but with a knot instead of a bow, and probably without contrast bands) with my name on it!!

I know I'm getting better because some people are starting to annoy me again. How funny is that?

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight. I can feel the acupunture coma starting to set in...

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  1. Hello dear -- I didn't have a chance yesterday to "officially notify" everyone I was passing on that award, so I'm glad you stopped over and saw it. I appreciate your regular blogging!


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