Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

McRib update: My ribs hurt the most while getting out of bed--that is still quite painful. But once I'm up, after about a half hour, things seem to get better and I can breathe without pain. I thought it might be better tonight, so I laid down for a little while--but when I got back up, owwwww....still hurts. a lot. for half an hour. Need to find an easier way to get out of bed.

Enough about that, it's my birthday, woo!

Pete was sweet and made me a cupcake card. Love the style.
Exterior of Pete's handmade card
Here's the inside:
Interior of Pete's handmade card
Love how the exclamation point ends in a cupcake!!

My friend Debbie sent me a package. I haven't opened it yet. Love this outer wrap:
Debbie's outer birthday wrap

Meg sent me this great flower card:
Meg's birthday card to me

Plus I had nice greetings from folks at work. One coworker gave me carnations, another gave me almonds and kitchen towels, and a third gave me a neat wooden card and chocolate!!

At my workplace, the person who is having a birthday brings the celebratory items for the office to eat, instead of the other way around. I made two refrigerator cakes last night. Making them was a total comedy of errors (usually it's quite simple), but eating them was fun. They are messy looking cakes (I forgot to take pix) that taste delicious. One of my coworkers said, "what happened to the cake?" when she saw it. I had two people, at separate times, tell me they like the cake but they also like my cookies. Not to fear, I'll bake them for the Thanksgiving buffet at work. One of those coworkers specified that she wanted to make sure I bake them with walnuts. Fear not, I always bake them with walnuts.

Oh! and before work I stumbled on the Simplicity pattern (2618) I was looking for!! I looked at the SPR gallery > saw a jacket > looked at jacket in sewer's flickr album > picture before jacket in flickr album was of their fall wardrobe plan > one of the line drawings in wardrobe plan was the shirt!! > Pattern number was on the drawing > I went to the simplicity site and looked at the pattern. > Went back to SPR and found the original review (linked above) > I found the pattern on ebay for a total of $6 (ok, so it's not the $1 sale at Joann's, but when have I ever spent $1 at Joann's. Exactly). > Already got the confirmation from seller that it was shipped. Can't wait to make it!!!

And my parents are going to buy me a dressform; I just need to select one.

After work I went to the consignment shop. I tried things on but didn't buy anything. I also broke a hanger accidentally. I told the salesclerk and she said it happens all the time.

Project Runway is on tonight but I don't know if I'll make it til 10pm. They do rerun it at 9pm (and 10pm) on Fridays.

Here's a parting shot for tonight. It's a closeup of the final farmer's market flowers for the 2009 season. Farmer's Market, I'll see you next year!!
Closeup of final farmer's mkt flowers for 2009


  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle! What a great card from Pete. Sounds like it was a fantastic birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Woo hoo, a dress form! Lucky you!


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