Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simplicity 2558, in progress

I slept really well last night, from 10pm-5am, then 5-8am, woo! And then I napped for an hour and a half in the early afternoon.

My throat is getting better, thanks!

Neck is still hurting a bit, but I wonder if that pain was caused by the dilation (tilting head back to get the drops, then awkward position for dr's exam).

I was feeling well enough to cut out and start Simplicity 2558 today.

Here's the general view (it's pinned shut for now):

Simplicity 2558 in progress

Here's a close up of the front of the collar:
Simplicity 2558 in progress, closeup of collar

Here's the back:
Simplicity 2558 in progress, back

The interior edges are "sealed" with bias tape:
Simplicity 2558 in progress, interior (lots of bias tape)

So there are 4 things to do with it:
1. Hem it
2. Figure out what to do with the sleeves. They're really wide at the end of the sleeve, you can see that in picture 2 above. I think that might annoy me. Also the sleeves are a little bit too long.
3. Fix the collar in the back. I didn't interface the collar because I thought the fabric was already "meaty" enough. But I think the interfacing would have kept the collar flat. Now it's sort of "bubbling up". Might need to do either some tacking or topstitch the collar.
4. Figure out how to "close" the jacket. I bought some buttons but now I'm not sure about them. Hmm.. Could do buttons but it actually snaps closed. Hmm.

Overall, I am pleased with my progress. It's really coming along.

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  1. It is coming along! You'll look like a winter vision. I like the ease of snaps. Well, the ease of snapping a jacket closed, not necessarily the ease of installing snaps using temperamental snap pliers.


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