Sunday, October 4, 2009

More on Simplicity 3835, view B

I spent some time in the backyard today. I think this cloud looks like Oahu.
Doesn't it look like Oahu?

And I think this one looks like Hello Kitty as a mermaid
I thnk this looks like Hello Kitty as a mermaid

So I made Simplicity 3835 view B Sept 2008, but I never blogged about it. You can see in this picture that the sleeves are way too tight, especially around my elbow. (Side note, I wrote the wrong pattern number in yesterday's post.)
Finished prdt, Simplicity 3835, view B

But those sleeve ties are so cute!
Detail of sleeve ties

I remember having huge issues with the collar being too high, so I cut it down by at least an inch. Here's what it looked like when it was too high (and I also thought it looked a bit Holly Hobbie).
This collar is tooooo high...

So I made it again this weekend. I used the sleeves for size 20 with the bodice for 14. But I had issues with the collar again. I couldn't get it to be even all the way around and it just looked weird and I just didn't feel good about it.

So I ripped it out and put the elastic in the collar and it looks pretty good. I was going to pleat it and attach it back to the collar, but I took the easy way out and elasticized it.
Simplicity 3835 view B and my pink hat

I also love the sleeve ties, and they seem to fit well this time.
Side view of Simplicity 3835 view B and my pink hat
You can also see I'm wearing a brand new pink hat I made today too. It's my hat for this winter. Maybe I'll cut a matching scarf..

I made another pea green hat for Pete.

And I made a pillowcase with this fabric that I think I got in the Joann's remnant bin (even though it's a little over a yard). It could have been from Rag Shop. It's definitely from 2007.

I played a bit with stitches on my machine. On the left is the link stitch. On the right is a feather stitch that I like A LOT. I'll definitely be using that stitch for many many hems in the future.

Link and feather stitch

I haven't finished the vest from last week, yet...still need to tack.
Good night!


  1. I thought the pattern was a bit wonky around the sleeves so that's a good idea using a larger size for the sleeves. I never made any other view than the one with elasticized sleeves but it is generally agreed that the neckline in the other views is too high. It looks more flattering on you with the lower neckline anyway. Nice!

  2. The shirt looks great! as does the fabric for the pillowcase. Great work :)
    And, thanks for my new hat!


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