Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Look 6815: now puckerless

Mary Nanna hypothesized what was wrong with my shirt facing, so I followed her instructions, but it was still puckered.
Then I thought about what could be the source of the puckering. It was the facing that was puckering, not the collar.
And I realized, when I sewed the front facing to the back facing, I used 3/8 inch seams (because usually the facings don't match up very well for me, so I typically use 3/8 and then stitch 5/8 if it looks like it will work out). So I ripped that out, sewed the facings seam at 5/8, and somehow, that quarter inch (1/8 +1/8) seems to have made all the difference. No more puckering! Hurrah!

Close up of New Look 6815, no puckering!

Here's the full shirt:
Front of New Look 6815

Side view:
Side of New Look 6815

Back view:
Back of New Look 6815

And the very matchy-matchy buttons I got at Joann's on Monday during their buy-one-get-one free sale:
Buttons on New Look 6815

So I did that all tonight. I had three days in a row off, and I didn't do any sewing til tonight.

Friday was a big day of cleaning, and my back seemed to be ok even though I was much more physical than usual. When Christine arrived Friday night the first words out of her mouth were, "your house is so clean". AND she brought cupcakes from LaBon. YUM! (no pix, though).

Saturday....I thought about sewing but the house was so clean and I didn't want to mess it all up. I went shopping.

Sunday: I woke up and my right back was flaring...finally I took some Aleeve. I'm not sure if Friday set it off or if it was the shopping yesterday or what.

I went for a walk this afternoon and took a lot of pix.

Here's the stream I cross over:

Stream, view A

Hydrangea, frozen in time:
hydrangea, frozen in time

Many leaves:

What are these???
What are these???

I like how my feet are accidentally in the bottom of this picture:


How is it 10:30pm already??? Ugh!!
I'm wide awake now...


  1. Wow, your shirt looks amazing! and you look much happier too. Great job!

    Also, I love your pictures from your walk - you've made NJ look like Hawaii!

  2. Very slick shirt, Kyle! I'd seen this earlier in the week in an instant but didn't get to comment. Did you feel like a dr. diagnosing an illness with this shirt? I love that feeling with troubleshooting sewing sometimes.


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