Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pulled pork

So when you google for "pulled rib", a lot of recipes for pulled pork ribs come up near the end of the first page of search results. Not that I'm a big rib eater, but I'm not eating ribs for a long, long time.

Last night was painful. Rolling over was painful. Getting out of bed this morning was painful. Pain pain pain. But somehow, by the middle of the day, I realized I was breathing without pain. Eating isn't too difficult. Transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa, not so bad. Driving is a bit tiring by the end of my commute. I'm afraid of lying down, though. My goal for tonight is that when I lie down, that will be it for the night. No getting in and out of bed. No trying to roll over a lot. The heat is cranked up so I don't get a chill and tense up.

The pain is feeling like it's travelling the same sort of path like my lumbar pain back in January--only it's an accelerated path. Maybe Len and Karen are right and I'll be mostly out of the woods tmw.

Karen told me last night to call her today, so I called this morning and we chatted. At that point I was still in heaps of pain, but she still seemed adamant that I was going to feel better. She said that by seeing Len and her both yesterday, that now a lot of energy was flowing to that spot and it could be overactive. Don't I have such a nice acupuncturist???

My boss said I could go home if I wanted, but since I could still think, I wanted to be at work doing things, instead of home thinking about my pain. I have a little presentation I'm giving tmw morning. I leave a little early to see Len.

Definitely going to bed early tonight!!! Feeling sleepy. It's only 7:12pm. Jeesh.

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