Sunday, October 25, 2009

More back pain, update on Simplicity 2558, continued

Don't get freaked out! The spider is fake!!
Cupcakes--inlcuding one for Halloween!

The sunset over the Stop and Shop tonight:
Sunset over Stop and Shop

Here's a tree with yellow and green leaves in my backyard:
Green and yellow leaves in my backyard

So my neck still hurt this morning, but I gave myself a neck rub and it felt a bit better. But now my mid right back is hurting, quite a lot, which hasn't happened before (previously it hurt but not this much). It seems to be getting more painful as the night is wearing on, sigh. My right knee started hurting again after more than a week of no pain at all. Am I ever going to have a day without pain again? Whenever I start having thoughts like that, something pops up in the media--tonight on 60 Minutes it was a story about people with epilepsy. Last week it was a story in Esquire about a guy who can't eat food, and a story in the Star Ledger about a teenager who keeps having concussions. It could always be worse. Of course I want to be pain free, but it could always be worse.

Here's my jacket update. I fixed the sleeve width and length, and fixed the back collar with some tacking. I did the hem, though I don't love it, but I don't want to make it any shorter. I sewed on one set of snaps which is cool, but I probably should have sewn the button on first. Hmmm...will have to play with it a bit more.

With one layer underneath:
Simplicity 2558, with one layer underneath

With two layers underneath (a long sleeved shirt, and a lined jacket):
Simplicity 2558, front, while wearing 2 layers underneath

Back, collar fixed:
Simplicity 2558, back

Here you can see the dropped sleeve, it's really tight in there.
Simplicity 2558, dropped shoulder sleeve

Oh, my back hurts. Gah. Maybe Len will see me tmw.

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  1. I made this jacket and could NOT get the sleeves to set correctly lol. I really like yours!


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