Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cute, ugly, or clown? Vote now!

This fabric has been lurking around my stash for a while.

cute, ugly, or clown?  vote now!

Is it cute, ugly, or clown? Vote now!

I, ahem, went back to Joann's tonight. Even though I said I wouldn't go back for a long, long time, the siren song of this fabric was too strong (and memories of my Columbus Day foray quickly fading). With 50% off coupon in hand, I bought it.
White poly outerwear (layer of batting in between)

I'm thinking of making Simplicity 2558 with it this weekend, the sleeved version. I have this wild idea that it's going to be easy. Har har har har har. It reminds me of the white winter coat I had when I was 5. As I recall, my parents bought it in Shrewsbury at a children's clothing store. I don't remember why it was white, though. Mom is not a fan of light-colored outerwear. I do recall that the zipper was horrible! My kindergarten teacher thought I was being lazy by not zipping it up, but the reality was adults had difficulty zipping it too.

Thanks (and hello!), Vanessa, for your suggestion for tracking my pain using I registered tonight. One drawback is it doesn't distinguish between lower right and lower left back pain in their list of body part choices. So I'll choose some other body part and decide that is the right pain, and the generic back option will be left pain. There's a huge list of stuff that can be tracked with the carrot. I think I might do that and a spreadsheet and then after 2 weeks, decide which method is working better for me.

Guess where I'll be on Dec 15? The (free) Common Causes of Spinal Strain class. Yeah, I know how to party.

I've been working on two work puzzles concurrently. One of them is pretty much done. The other one is still a mystery. I really, really want to solve it, but I'm kind of stuck. What to do? I've gotten some help from my peers at other schools, but none of them are in the same situation I'm tackling. Hmmm..

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  1. Cute, but then I love unconventional polka dots! My word verification is "typer". How funny.


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