Saturday, October 3, 2009

Simplicity 3835

This morning I decided to make a shirt. And I decided I would make it in a nice bright color instead of my usual brown and black staples.

Simplicity 3835  I'm going to rip out the collar band tmw.

Simplicity 3835 love those ties!!

I've made view C a lot. I made view B once. Now I'm making view B again. I hate the collar band. I think I've spent 2 hours on the collar band, about as much time as I've spent on the rest of the shirt itself. I predict that tmw I will rip out the band, rip out the gathering stitches, and pleat the neckline, put in the collar band but use it as a facing and be done.

The last time I made view B, the sleeves came out way too narrow at the end, even with minimal seam allowance. I love how it looks but I can't wear it because it's too tight and uncomfortable in the sleeves. So this time I made the sleeves in size 20 and the rest of the shirt in my usual 14 and I think that part is pretty good this time. It's just the collar band is really bothering me a lot this time. From far away and without my glasses on, it looks pretty good. But up close it's a disaster. Last time, I was more concerned about the way the gathering looked and didn't have much of a problem with the collar band once I chopped it in half.

There are a few little things I want to make tmw, quick things.

So earlier in the week, it was in the 40's at night and tonight it's warm and humid and I have the windows open and the fans going. The weather is so wild.

So while I've told you that I've seen The September Issue, Julie & Julia, and David Sedaris, I haven't actually told you anything about them. I'll have to tell you sometime. :)

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  1. I don't think I've seen your takes on S3833 before! So much discussion on about how the neckband is soooo high. I like those sleeve ties.


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