Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Look 6815, now in progress

New Look 6815 in progress (love these kinds of shots)
These kinds of shots just happen.

I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. So when I woke up I was ready to tackle New Look 6815, which I cut out last weekend.

I have wanted to make this shirt ever since I saw Gecko's review of it on SPR back in June 2008. Shannon made it as a dress and topstitched it and added all sorts of details to make it into a safari shirtdress and I thought it was really neat. I only had enough fabric for a shirt, not a dress.

Mine looks so different from hers mostly because I'm not doing any of the detailing that she's done. and I'm not putting on the pockets.

I'm really pleased with most of it and it looks like a jacket to me more than a shirt. It has princess seams and they turned out fine this time, just like the vest I finished recently. I've had such bad experiences with princess seams in the past--maybe this is helping my confidence with that.

It turned out the sleeves were too short! So I made a sleeve band to make them longer.

I need to buy buttons for the shirt. I have black buttons, I have shell buttons, but I didn't like the look of them. So I will buy some green buttons at Joann's.

What is going on with the pucker there near the collar? I can't get it to lie flat on my right side. The left side seems to be fine. I was thinking I could tack it somehow, but that didn't seem to work. I'm not really sure why it's puckering.

New Look 6815 in progress (what is up with the collar?)

New Look 6815 in progress (the back)

New Look 6815 in progress (I love it except that wierd pucker in the collar)

And how could I forget? I used Mary Nanna's set in sleeve tutorial and it came out pretty good for my first time ever setting in sleeves that way (though I set mine in flat while using her technique). I think the fact that my fabric had stretch helped.


  1. I like the texture of the fabric the shirt/jacket is made out of. Very neat!

  2. It's looking great! I actually think the safety pins look pretty cool.. you could be very avant guard and leave them as you buttons!

    I had an identical pucker on a coat I made a while back and it drove me mad... my pucker was caused because I sewed the collar from edge to edge rather than from centre back down one side, and then centre back down the other

    - because the edges of a collar are bias, they stretch, so if you sew it edge to edge it's ok while you are sewing with the grain, but as you come round the other side you're sewing against the grain and you stretch out the fabric. Then the pieces of the collar and facing don't fit properly, causing them to pull against each

    - hey presto, it was welcome to Puckerville. Population:my coat.


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